Aerial Dance Chicago

Aerial Dance Chicago (Chicago, IL) is a nonprofit dance company dedicated to creation, performance and instruction in the field of aerial dance. Founded in 1999, Aerial Dance Chicago (ADC) embraces its roots in contemporary dance, but diverges from the traditional dance spectrum as it adventures into the air. Incorporating apparatuses such as suspended fabrics, bungee cords, hoops, bars and ropes, ADC delves into the expressive potential of multi-dimensional space, transcending assumed limits of dance. According to the Chicago Tribune, Aerial Dance Chicago has “justified its commitment to broadening the scope of dance and demonstrating that aerial work can achieve the beauty and poetry of genuine art.” The company inspires everyday people to challenge their own assumed limits to reveal undiscovered potential. Through highly original and physical programming, ADC reawakens humanity’s craving for live, kinetic and creative experiences and contributes to the health and empowerment of the community.

Photos by Kristie Kahns