Clinard Dance Theater

Clinard Dance Theater (Chicago, IL) Founded in 1999, Clinard Dance is a constantly evolving ensemble of performers and collaborators, led by Artistic Director Wendy Clinard. Clinard Dance Theatre's work has ranged from entirely devised work to traditional flamenco repertoire. Always changing and moving forward to incorporate new stimuli, the principles of the work have remained close to the original impulses: seeking what is most alive, integrating text, music, image and action to create unexpected and heart provoking dance theatre. There is no Clinard Dance method. What is essential is collaboration. In collaboration we lose track of where ideas originated and bring to life something that has pieces of all of us, yet transcends any one of us individually. Collaborations have included artists from Zimbabwe, Spain, Morocco, Syria, and India, as well as many well-respected Chicago and U.S. artists. The Company has toured in Syria and India as well as throughout the United States.

Photos by Joeff Davis.

Tommy Territt and others