Diane McNeal Hunt/ELEVATE DanceWorks

Diane McNeal Hunt / ELEVATE DanceWorks (Tempe, AZ) Innovative, creative, collaborative, technically strong and expressive contemporary dance! ELEVATE DanceWorks is dedicated to upholding the top level of artistry.
Diane McNeal Hunt, (Founding Artistic Director / Choreographer), presents an eclectic palette of choreography, showcasing her dancers who deftly express the concept and intent behind her work. Ms. Hunt coaches her dancers to find an authentic and honest way of integrating movement in their bodies, resulting in an articulate, dynamic and captivating performance. Choreographic inspiration for Ms. Hunt comes through creating with her powerful core of dancers who share a common passion and vision. ELEVATE’s repertoire includes mesmerizing choreography by Ms. Hunt that features original masks by acclaimed artist, Zarco Guerrero. Hunt and Guerrero have enjoyed vital collaborations for over 30 years. Annually, ELEVATE celebrates Arizona's rich Latino culture, with performances in the Dia de los Muertos Festivals and the El Puente Festival. Ms. Hunt is honored to have her works selected to showcase nationally at: Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, ODC/San Francisco, MixMatch Dance Festival (L.A./Santa Monica), danceXchange (Temecula, CA), Dance in the Desert Festival (Las Vegas), BETA Dance Festival (Phoenix). As Resident Choreographer/Outreach Education Director for Center Dance Ensemble, Ms. Hunt’s choreography is featured at the The Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix. Her works are commissioned by other Arizona companies and college programs. At the heart of Ms. Hunt’s work exists a career-long devotion to arts education.