Hub Dance Collective

Hub Dance Collective (Hattiesburg, MS) is a new contemporary dance company based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The idea for HDC grew from faculty members at University of Southern Mississippi’s Dance Department who wanted to continue choreographing and performing professionally, in addition to their work with the student body. Recognizing there was an “arts gap” that a professional modern dance company could fill in Hattiesburg, HDC began presenting work as an ensemble in Fall, 2012. Founding HDC company members are: Meredith Early, Kelly Ferris Lester, Elizabeth Lentz-Hill, Rebecca McArthur, and Stacy Reischman Fletcher.

While HDC as an ensemble is new, its members have extensive experience choreographing, performing, teaching, and running dance companies and festivals. Independently, our choreography has been presented in New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, New Zealand, Wales, South Africa and the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. HDC members have performed in Mexico, Brazil, France, and across the United States. We now find ourselves in Southern Mississippi, a region known for its blues and literature, but not its modern dance. Hub Dance Collective was formed to change this.

HDC focuses on the collaborative nature of modern dance. We value the inspiration, challenges, and creativity that arise in a collaborative process, recognizing that in such collaboration each of our individual artistry is fed. Having trained nationally, we now bring a broad perspective on dance to our work and strive to create highest quality modern dances. By performing our work in Southern Mississippi we grow our local audiences for dance; by touring we increase recognition of the burgeoning modern dance scene in our region.

Since its formation, HDC has been presented in the Barefoot Dance Brigade Festival (Dallas, TX), Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival (Kalamazoo, MI), Alabama Dance Festival (Birmingham, AL), FestivalSouth (Hattiesburg, MS), the Mississippi Dance Festival (Hattiesburg, MS), and performed locally at the University of Southern Mississippi, Oddfellows Gallery, and the Hattiesburg Cultural Center.

HDC’s goals are:
-to provide professional choreographic and performance opportunities for contemporary dance artists in Southern Mississippi;
-to explore the collaborative nature of modern dance, both in artistic output and administrative structure;
-to present exceptional modern dance performances to the arts-hungry audiences in our region;
-to tour our performances to build regional and national appreciation for dance from Southern Mississippi.

Rebecca Sleger McArthur received her BFA in Performance and Choreography from the University of Southern Mississippi and her MFA in Performance and Choreography from the State University of New York, College at Brockport. McArthur is certified in the Laban-Bartenieff Based Bill Evans Method of Dance Technique and is a member of the American Dance Guild and National Dance Education Organization. McArthur served as a board member for the New York State Dance Education Association (2010 – 2012). She was an adjunct instructor at The College at Brockport in the summer of 2012 and currently is an Instructor at University of Southern Mississippi, teaching ballet and modern technique, as well as dance appreciation.

Kelly Dunn