Mordine & Company Dance Theater

Mordine & Company Dance Theater (Chicago, IL) celebrates its 46th season beginning in the spring of 2015. Under the direction of Shirley Mordine, the Company has produced works whose coalition of choreography and theatre has won critical acclaim. Praised for original choreography combining wit and sheer movement with technical sophistication, the Co.'s work has been described as "a two-edged sword of comedy and drama" and "adventurous, audacious, gutsy, and energetic." Over the years, Mordine & Company has had the honor to work with a number of illustrious collaborators from diverse artistic disciplines, including choreographers Miguel Mancillas and Ishmael Houston-Jones; composers Tatsu Aoki, Henry Threadgill, Shawn Decker, Richard Woodbury, and David Pavkovic; visual designers John Boesche and Ken Bowen; puppeteer Michael Montenegro; and video artist Miroslaw Rogala. This collaborative spirit is part of an ongoing effort by Mordine & Co. to infuse the field of dance with new modes of performance and expression. The Company has performed throughout the United States as well as internationally at numerous festivals and has toured to Australia, Israel, Mexico, and Yugoslavia. Most recently, the Company premiered Cast By the Sun: Light Play in 3 Parts at Links Hall in Chicago.

Kristie Kahns