Nicole Gifford Dance

Nicole Gifford Dance (Chicago, IL) was founded in 2005 by Artistic Director Nicole Gifford. Nicole's work is inspired by movement and stillness found in nature and the moments that leave an impression on our human nature. Relying on the senses; reflecting the shapes and feelings experienced when we are most present and honest with ourselves. Working closely with husband Jim Gifford, Nicole strives to layer her choreographic expression with live music, specifically jazz-fusion for its improvisational element. Her goal is to create a richer understanding for the audience and a spontaneous experience on and off the stage. Her work has been presented at many festivals in Chicago including Around the Coyote, Dance Chicago, Full Circle, Rebound, and World Dance Night at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Nicole has co-produced several dance concerts since 2005 at Ruth Page, The Galaxie and Hamlin Park Field House with Chicago artists Marquez Dance Project, Jay-Son Dance Company and Core Project. She recently self-produced NGD’s first full length concert, “MILES ELECTRIC”, which was performed entirely to live music from Miles Davis' Electric Period. Nicole was the recipient of a 2006 CAAP grant for choreography from the Illinois Arts Council as well as a recipient of the Dance Bridge Summer 2009 residency through the Chicago Cultural Center Department of Cultural Affairs.

Photos by Shay Feeney and Kristie Kahns