Paufve Dance

Paufve Dance (Oakland, CA) is a contemporary dance company based in Oakland, California, founded as a vehicle to support the continued creation of innovative work and to further explore avenues for movement research, live performance and community outreach. Director Randee Paufve’s work is based in the belief that dance is a language which can capture, describe, and illuminate every aspect of the human condition, and her research and choreography examines artifice, authenticity and objectivity in our bodies. Paufve's vision reflects a deep commitment to dancing, and to helping move dance forward into the 21st century, as a viable, critical and expansive means of expression. For each project, she gathers a diverse core of dancers to explore the complex terrain of human relationships, creating intimate live performance works that wed powerful movement with subtle detail, connecting and sharing with our audiences the deep feeling and thinking states that emerge from complex kinesthetic expression. Much of the work is constructed and performed in non-theatrical sites, exploring the effects of geography on relationships, sexuality, experiences of alienation and belonging. Paufve Dance has performed nationally and presented events in bars, barns, churches, studios, theaters, meadows, and several times on a roving 4’x4’ platform.