RE|Dance Group

RE|Dance Group (Chicago, IL) Michael Estanich and Lucy Riner established RE|dance group in 2009, after ten years of performing, producing and collaborating on various dance projects in Chicago together. As former members of Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak, we cultivated our choreographic ideas and many years later, decided to form RE|dance group as a means to further develop our inimitable, creative dance-theatre approach. Central to the success of the company has been the trust and collaborative spirit between us—as we each spearhead different aspects of the company’s organization. Michael evokes and directs much of the artistic voice of our work, while I manage the day-to-day, business, and strategic planning components (and have the pleasure of performing and informing the work we do). Originally designed as a duet partnership for us to take advantage of and further develop our long established and admired performance energy together, RE|dance group quickly grew into a company of ten dancers committed to creating enthralling, complex, and personal dance-theatre. The company annually produces a Chicago season while our national touring schedule continues to add new cities each year. In August of 2016, RE|dance group participated in our first international tour to Seoul, South Korea. The company is currently working on a collaboration with Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble on a multi-disciplinary worked entitled "Ethereal Abandonment" premiering in May of 2017. This Fall, we will also start developing the production of our 10th annual season for Winter/Spring of 2018. As 2017 unfolds, RE|dance group continues casting our net out to audiences in different parts of the country and world.

Shelby Kroeger and Kristie Kahns