RE|Dance Group

RE|Dance Group (Chicago, IL) Lucy Riner and Michael Estanich established RE|Dance Group in 2009 to present dance theater works that explore human relationships. We ground our artistic philosophy in an open process where ideas are shared, investigated, and then crafted into dances that embody a heightened physical experience rich with emotional content and dramatic imagery. The creative process is an ever evolving dynamic between intention, honesty, intuition and play. Though we call Chicago home base for R|E DAnce Group, the partnership rests on a unique long-distaqnce collaboration. Estanich lives in Stevens Point, WI, while Riner is a Chicago-based independent artist. We became fascinated with the idea of creating work in a new way- generating movement material while we were together and developing characters and our personal understanding of ideas while we were apart. Through this open dialogue, we establish physical memories that enrich our dancing and the relationships created in the works.