Sharon Mansur

Sharon Mansur (Takoma Park, MD) is an experimental multi-media movement artist and her work has been seen in theaters, galleries, parks, street corners, apartments, train stations, empty storefronts, fields, rivers and other venues throughout the East Coast, Minnesota, California and abroad. Improvisation as a performance form is a particular focus as well as the melding of visual and visceral landscapes while examining aspects of identity.

Since 2002 Sharon has directed the performance project mansurdance, with several near and far flung movement, sound, light and visual art collaborators. mansurdance is committed to contemporary dance, improvisation and experimental performance forms, such as performance/art installations and live art, in traditional, alternative and site-specific venues. She has also been fortunate enough to perform in the work of BodyCartography, Jess Curtis/Stephanie Maher, David Dorfman, David Rousseve, and Sara Rudner, and dance with Daniel Burkholder, Clare Byrne and Cyrus Khambatta and other adventurous artistic types.

Her work has been supported by the Virginia Commission for the Arts, the Maryland State Arts Council and The Bossak-Heilbron Charitable Foundation among others. In 2010 Sharon recieved a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award for solo dance performance, and in 2008 she received a University of Maryland Creative and Performing Arts Award. Originally from Boston, MA, she joined the dance faculty at the University of Maryland in 2008. Her current practices include Contact Improvisation, Laban Movement Analysis, visual arts, yoga and reiki.

Photos by Ginger Wagg